Human Rights, Development

1 Introduction

  • Scientific and technological advancement have made deep impact on contemporary society. It has put great demand on material and human resource. As a result people are more determined to protect their resources and exploit them to maximum national interests. This phenomenon has great potential of becoming a source not only of inter-state cutthroat rivalry and competition but also of a menacing irritant for the internal security and safety of a given state.

1.1 Perception

  • As we see, the Asian and African continents have substantive natural resources crucial to the sustenance of present and future material advancement of humanity. However, adequate and competitive human resource crucial to the exploration, exploitation and marketing of the natural resources till date remains by and large within the confines of the western world. This incongruity has already come to surface and is visible in its sharpest contours. The crucial point to bring into focus is that while the attributes of human resource is not too difficult to procure, the material resource is not procurable without enormous compensation.

1.2 Statement

  • However, this being an important aspect of the existing geo-economic structure, the phenomenon of forcing a particular way of life and standard of values is incompatible with any constructive vision of a prosperous universal human society. Exclusionism is a very dangerous concept inviting violence and retaliation. It is self-destructive.
  • Our perception is that a balance has to be struck not only for rationalizing the importance of both natural and human resource but also in devising an ideal for have rationalised globalisation. If we are not able to bring about this rationalization, we deliberately make space for conflict and crisis. Pragmatic addressing of the phenomenon is one of he effective means of combating the culture of violence we see around us today

2 Aims

  • It becomes the duty of all concerning segments to reflect on the present global situation in order to chart their programmes and plans. We have done this reflecting exercise. Our understanding helps us in defining our aims. We need to become a medium of conversation: we need to harmonise the material and human resource potential and we need to help widen the areas of mutual understanding and common interests.
  • To say that the world is sitting on a powder keg is not an idle talk. Those gifted with a depth of vision are rightly apprehensive of the drift that is carrying the humanity down the stream.
  • The manner in which Iraq war came into being leaves many questions without an answer. Future generations have a right to delve deep into the causes and effects of that war and draw conclusions. That the UN is now fiercely debated for restructuring is what concerns us on priority basis. The grouse that justice is not done under the portals of the UN is not totally unfounded. We do not propose to contest that point. But we need to examine the impact it has on contemporary society and how in the light of that experience we can remodel the redeeming structures available to us. It naturally, provokes us look for options and alternatives that will effectively plug the loopholes and secure against infringements.

3 Methodology

  • It is important to raise consciousness among human rights activists in all ranks and at all levels. It needs forceful presentation of current history, international, regional and local. We feel that there is the need o raise a body of activists equipped with strong information weapon to prompt and garner support for a just and equitable restructuring of the international platform.
  • The division of the world into segments based on geographical, economic, cultural, ethnic and other considerations may be useful for various reasons but should not be taken as a lasting tool.
  • It should be possible to develop regional working groups to serve as interlocutors between the regional states and international fraternity in regard to human rights issues, heir ramification, their possible solution and so forth and so on.
  • We would concertedly work with other groups and organizations if like 0minded thinking were evolved. It means that we would be receptive to other ideas and input if it takes us closer to our aims
  • In final analysis, we would like to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life on the planet of earth. In doing so, we need to bear in mind that deprived; marginalized and incapacitated segments of human society deserve special care and consideration on moral, legal and practical. Considerations. We would like to find a way other than that of the use of brute force for the solution of current conflicts and clashes identifiable by various specific nomenclatures. Humanity needs to be spared the wanton destruction.