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Updated today November 10, 2009 – Ok, more clarification is necessary concerning the difference of AEHRF Delhi (the Headquarter) and ourselves, the AEHRF Geneva-Office (see what’s new since March 2009):

Geneva-Office was created as a separate NGO, since the beginning separated by law and by finance. But our identification with the Headquarter’s goal let us speak as WE, as an unity. This unity is one in spirit, in friendship, in the common goal, thus we say WE.

Now, Delhi’s ECOSOC marathon and UN Committee’s behavior makes us insist on what is definitively our difference: Geneva no more identify itself with this goal of ECOSOC status, but is publishing about. For the rest, our friendship and work goes on as ever. 


Reviewed March 28, 2009: This is the starting page of our web presence. We are the Asian-Eurasian Human Rights Forum AEHRF with the headquarter in Delhi, since October 2003 we have an office in Geneva/Switzerland, and since March 28, 2006 a second office in Denver/USA.

Our main goal is in our name: defending the human rights worldwide, without discriminations.

Our publishing blogs are:

Managed by Kashi Nath Pandita, writing himself the contributions: Kashmir and IDPs, Geopolitics, and History – past and present. He supervises also Views and Opinions and, together with the Geneva-Office, this Homepage.

Are managed by K.L. Chowdhury M.D., living in Jammu/Kashmir/India: the Shirya Bhatt Mission Hospital, the Socio-political & Cultural blog, and his Personal & Literary blog.

On the Berhane Tewolde’s Development Blog are published some news from the UNEG world.

Are managed by Heidi Barathieu-Brun: the World Peoples Blog on wich we present every day a person doing good and interesting work for this humanity. Then NGOs – we & others, Humanitarian Texts, Economy and Society, which all four receive daily news.

Our concept: work together for a better world.

President of Organisation

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